Dear Charterer, 

At Warren Yachting, client satisfaction is always paramount! We would rather keep our organization small and customer-focused if further growth would undermine our business values. We continue to look inwardly and deliberate on our processes and set goals for improving our service and product offering.

With the current pandemic, depending on where you commence your travels from and your destination of choice, uncertainties and outliers may affect your comfort for booking and holiday commitments. In light of this, we want to take the opportunity to elaborate on the protections Warren Yachting looks to secure for our clients, both in today’s world and historically, as the truth is we are always considering the uncertainties and outliers to ensure we assist in safeguarding our client’s best interests.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance and specifically Trip Cancellation Insurance have always been a recommendation by Warren Yachting to charter clients. These insurance policies are designed to cover events that may prevent the charterer or guests from embarking or fulfilling their anticipated yachting holiday. We continue to recommend these insurance policies to charter guests before the Charter Agreement is signed, so that the exclusions, limitations and associated costs can be considered before any commitments are made.

Whereas COVID-19 may not be covered under trip cancellation insurance due to its classification, there are Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policies that will provide a depth of coverage though not the trip’s value entirely. However, where the policies have fallen short, a Charter Agreement Addendum can offer a confident alternative.

Charter Agreement Addendums

In regards to COVID-19, many yacht charter agreements (and contracts on a whole) did not contain clauses that addressed remedies in the event the charter was affected by COVID-19 and/or travel restrictions. Gratefully, all of our partners have been very cooperative in their responses to this unpredictable event.

Now that the situation has highlighted the need for further wording in the Charter Agreement to provide clarity in this scenario, with your permission, Warren Yachting will seek to negotiate an addendum with the yacht owner / management company which will provide the client the ability to reschedule their charter in events such as:

  1. If the charterer is subject to a governmental mandate and/or quarantine due to COVID-19 during any portion of the charter or upon returning home.
  2. If the charter destination becomes closed due to COVID-19.  

An addendum with such clauses will act as an alternative safeguard or protection to the client and can be included at the time the Charter Agreement is signed. 


As always, we endeavour to make your travel plans as seamless as possible whilst balancing the pursuit of your best interest.

We look forward to assisting with the details of your next yachting holiday!