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If you are flying scheduled flights from USA, Europe or the UK, using Nassau or Miami as a hub may be the best option, from there we can recommend island hopping flights - scheduled or private - if required. We are here to assist, let us know what is best for you and we are happy to offer our expertise for all the arrangements!

The Bahamas, which are east of Florida and north of the Caribbean, offer countless islands for you to ex­plore. We also have many types of charter yachts available in the Bahamas to fit your preferences. From sailing charter yachts to catamaran charter as well as motor yacht options.

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Your Bahamas Charter
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During a single week, you can focus on a part of the Bahamas such as Sailing the Exumas—where cruise ships don’t go, where the waters are crystal clear, and where your private yacht may very well be the only boat at the beach come barbecue time. An Exuma yacht charter is sure to be full of bliss and adventure! Embarking from Great Exuma Island or nearby Eleuthera is also a possibility to maximize your time.

A round-trip itinerary from the Bahamian capital of Nassau makes scheduled air travel convenient. From Nassau, you will have numerous possibilities for your Bahamas sailing charter or motor yacht itinerary. It also allows opportunities at the beginning and end of your Bahamas charter to book land stays, including at the luxurious Ocean Club on Paradise Island or the famous Atlantis Resort and Casino.

We look forward to helping you plan your Bahamas sailing charter or motor yacht holiday! 

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